Who is performing in the show?

Since we have so many shows with so many different performers, it’s a daunting task to update this page every time.  We’ve compiled a list of performers we have had in our shows.  However, the first performers you see will be the ones performing in the show.  To view the performers, please visit our page here.

I’m not quiet, can I make some noise?

We always suggest showing the performers some love by making noise, but as long as it’s positive.  However, if you have a vendetta against a performer, do not yell obscene words at them.  It will be distracting (and totally mean) and will be asked to leave the show.

How old do I need to be to see the show?

Due to the nature of our content, all of the Marvelous Misfits shows are 18+, unless the venue has a strict policy on age such as nightclubs or bars.  In that case, it is 21+.

Can I get tickets at the door?

Maybe, but don’t count on it.  We have such a high caliber of entertainment, that one theater can’t contain the clamoring crowds.  Well, that and the fact the the theater sometimes only seats a certain number of spots.  Get your tickets early, because it also saves you money, and we would hate to turn you away!  We have to abide by the fire code, especially with such hot acts in the house.

Where is the show located?

Well that depends on the location, right?  With today’s technological advances, we know each of you have this mysterious device called a “cell phone.”  Please advise with your concierge service (Maps app).  You can find our show locations at [insert link here].

How do I become a star?

Well, that is the questions we are all asking.  But if you mean that you want to be a part of the show, then you need to have a fifteen minute act.  Not an act that you are working on or something you want support or help on.  However, if you have a solid fifteen minute (or less) act, then send an email to info@marvelousmisfits.com, preferably with a link to video and/or photos.

We prefer that you have some stage time under your belt before you perform with us.  We have no time for tech so you need to have your act down.  If we haven’t scared you off yet, then please feel free to e-mail us.  We are always looking for fresh talent.

Can I become a sponsor?

The Marvelous Misfits is always looking for patrons who believe in what we do and want to help us put on our shows. Ticket sales alone don’t cover all of the costs of a show and we depend on our patrons to help cover the costs. However, as a potential sponsor, we realize this isn’t just about us, it is about YOU!

Why should you be a sponsor? We have a very specific demographic, we have a wide reach, a devoted following, and most importantly, compared to most other forms of advertising, we are cheap! Aside from those reasons, you will be helping to promote the arts in your community.

Depending on your business, with just one or two customers, you can make your advertising dollars back. We would love to talk to you about sponsorship opportunities and what it could mean for you, or if you would rather not talk, just sign up [Inset link here]!