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We confirm many of our performers months in advance, but from time to time, things do come up where we have to make some changes.  We will update the below lists as necessary, however we can’t always guarantee that a lineup won’t change.  That doesn’t mean just taking away, but adding performers as well!

But, we think that you will like what you see regardless.  So, check it out and buy a ticket for whichever month floats your boat.  Or just buy tickets to all of them!

For a sneak peak of each of our performers, check out their bios here.


November 26    Marvelous Misfits Monthly Variety Show • Public Theatre • Little Rock, AR

December 3    Marvelous Misfits Variety Show Tour • Lyric Theater • Harrison, AR

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November 26 – Little Rock, AR

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December 3 – Harrison, AR

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