The Marvelous Misfits variety show is composed of a rotating cast of performers. Each month we put on shows to entertain, delight and titillate. The shows feature juggling, hooping, magic, mentalism, comedy, theater, singing, burlesque, boylesque, sideshow and dancing acts. The show is different each month, with a rotating cast of performers.

For a list of performers who have performed with Marvelous Misfits, head over here.

The goal of the Marvelous Misfits is to provide an outlet for alternative performances throughout the South, to foster and support these types of performances, and most of all, just to have fun!

To contact the Marvelous Misfits for shows in your area, please contact us.

Meet the Co-Producers

Arty Dodger

Arty Dodger

Co-Producer/Gentleman Juggler/Strongman/Stilt Walker/Fire Eater

A dapper dabbler in danger, the virtuoso of vaudeville, the Beethonven of balance, the juggernaut of juggler, and devourer incendium.

A small town boy with Southern charm, Arty Dodger has spent years honing his craft of the art of juggling and balance.  With the influence of early vaudeville and variety performers, Arty boasts a wide repertoire, including stilt walking, fire eating and hat, cane, and cigar manipulation as well as high energy juggling with fire, knives, and any other inanimate object that beseech him.

Paul Prater

Paul Prater

Founder/Co-Producer/Mindreader/Sideshow/Gorilla Boylesque/Badass

Paul Prater is your emcee for this night of fun, excitement and incredible entertainment. You may see a little sideshow, some mindreading, or maybe some magic; you never know what Paul will provide.

Paul has performed all over the United States for all types of audiences and celebrities.